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This information is provided by a private automatic weather station. Though we strive to achieve accurate reporting for our own use it is important that you DO NOT depend on the data provided here for any purpose.

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The Station consists of an Davis VP2 Weather Station with the addition of UV 6490 and Solar 6450 sensors. The Anemometer is connected via a wireless transmitter kit 6332OV, along with an additional wireless Temperature sensor. Live Data is uploaded to this site at least every 15 seconds with Graph and Console Data every 5 minutes.

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The station came online on the 2nd January 2011 and is using Weather Display, Weather Map Live and Weather Display Live to collect and display the weather information collected. Solar and UV sensors came online on 29th January 2011.

The web site has been created in Serif’s WebPlus X7 Web Design Tool utilising their Construction Business Template as a basis for the site. It makes use of Weather Display’s numerous “Custom Tags” and auto generated Graphs to provide the information displayed.

November 2012 the Weather Station moved to the Wood End area within Harpenden so readings may vary but the history will build up again in 2013.


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