Planned Work / Work Needed

Things to do in the future when time and funds allow:-

0. Keep a Weather Eye! On the FARS to see if it starts to woke on a sunny day a sure indicator the batteries are not charging, if its not working on a sunny day the solar panel or charging ICB may be the fault.

1. Think about Importing Historic Data again, not sure what went wrong last time I tried to do it! Perhaps my data is not as good as I had hoped it to be.

2. Add more comparison graphs to compare Davis VP2 with the Ecowitt Wittboy sensors arrays now they are operational.

Weather Station Resited/Moved

Over the last few weeks it has become apparent that the rainfall being measured on the weather station has been under reporting. The weather has not been conducive to getting up on the roof to check the station out.

Today, the weather was kind to me and I found the rain collector blocked and full of water. I decided to bite the bullet and move the ISS sensor station to make it alot easier to clean and unblock if it happens again. When doing this I noticed the FARS did not seem to be working, I will have to keep an eye on it over the next few days to see what is what, another reason for moving it.

FARS checked out and Batteries Replaced

The FARS unit was checked out while I had the weather station down from the roof, the fan still runs but is a little noisy. Also checked the charging electronics and solar panel all were functioning ok, but the rechargeable batteries were dead, replaced these so hopefully all ok for the summer.

Added Ecowitt Lightning Sensor

Added a Ecowitt Wh57 Lightning Sensor to the Ecowitt GW 2000 gateway along with the Wittboy Weather Station. Hopefully I will be able to Graph the Lightning Data over time all depending on if it detects any Lightning that is :-).


Added Ecowitt Whittboy Weather Station

Added a Ecowitt Weather Station to my setup, which provides a 7 in 1 sensor array that provides/measures Outdoor Temperature and humidity, wind speed, gust speed, wind direction, rainfall rate, and totals, along with Solar light intensity and UV index. It will be interesting to see how accurate it is over time. I might add some comparison graphs once I have some data to make meaningful comparisons.


Added Visitor Logs

Updated Website to add visitor counters and logs to the website pages.

General Tidy Up

Updated Website to include 7 Day History Graph and corrected the Tags page to make the site consistent again.

UPS Added to the Meteobridge PRO2

Added a Waveshare UPS Module 3S to the Meteobridge PRO2 to provide in excess of 24 hours battery backup if the power goes out. Over 24 hours may seem a bit excessive but that's the optimum assuming the batteries live up to their 9000mah power rating.

Records Page Updated & Graphs Amendments

Records page updated to format date and Time correctly added a few more mins and max entries.

Updated graphs to make them more readable and adjusted scales to show the data more clearly.

Weather Display Data Collection Retired

Weather Display Data collection and PC Now turned off. Updated Website Re-Implemented Meteobrige Pro 2 and only imported 2023 data to date plus some of the historic records.