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This site is best viewed on a desktop or laptop device but most of the important information will be accessible on tablet or phone style devices if viewed in landscape orientation. For a more mobile friendly presentation please use the "Mobile Devices" section of this site.

The Station consists of a Davis VP2 Weather Station with the addition of UV 6490 and Solar 6450 sensors. The anemometer is connected via the main sensor unit (ISS). In addition there is a wireless temperature sensor at ground level and a couple of temperature and a soil moisture sensor in a greenhouse. The main sensor unit has a 24 hour FARS (Fan Aspirated Radiation Shield) attached. Live Data is uploaded to this site roughly every 15 seconds with Graph and Console Data every few minutes.

davis_system-big vp2console 20150118-IMG_5949

The station came online on the 2nd January 2011 and was originally using Weather Display and Weather Display Live, Solar and UV sensors were added and came online on 29th January 2011. A manual rain gauge as also used to provide Comparison rain measurements.

As of late March 2023 the way data is collected and published has changed, I now use a
Meteobridge Pro2 collection server and Weather34 Aurora MKII templates to collect and display the weather information displayed on this site. The Meteobridge Pro2 uses about 1.5W of energy so should be a lot more efficient than the old Eco PC I was using, which over the last year has become more and more unreliable. In April 2023 a Waveshare UPS 3S was added to the Meteobridge PRO2 to provide data collection continuity in the event of power failure.

IR5A7003 UPS_Module_3S UPS-Module-3S-details-1

In May 2023 a Ecowitt Wittboy weather station and lighting detector were added to the setup to provide backup and more comparison data.


For more information about the weather station and its history please see the "
About" page of this website.

The web site has been created in
RapidWeaver 9 - Web Design Tool utilising Nick Cates Design - Reasons Template as a basis for the site. It makes use of Meteobridge’s numerous “Templates” and auto generated Graphs to provide the information displayed.

Weather34 Aurora MKII Console

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